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Technology is revolutionizing the educational landscape, empowering our students to research, study, and indulge their curiosities anytime, anywhere. At PBA Ventures, LLC, we're harnessing the potential of modern technology to connect educators and students regardless of location.

Almost all of the tutors you see on these pages, the talented, experienced members of our various teams, are qualified and trained to deliver remote tutoring. We use video chatting software, from Google Hangouts to Skype to FaceTime to meet with students and deliver the exact same quality of instruction you'd expect from a remarkable in-person experience. 


We know many folks are reluctant to give remote tutoring a try, but we've witnessed something impressive: after our students and families try remote tutoring, many -- even among the most initially reluctant -- find that it's their preferred medium for tutoring. Because we pride ourselves on getting to know our students and their families first, then making a tutor pairing that we think will provide a superior experience, remote tutoring allows us to connect the best tutor for the job to a student, regardless of location. Moreover, remote tutoring opens up a new world of flexibility in tutoring. We can coordinate sessions anytime, anywhere.

If you're at all intrigued, we'd love for you to give remote tutoring a try. We're confident it'll exceed your expectations!

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