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About Us


Our philosophy stresses quality over quantity. We don't aspire to be a 500-tutor behemoth. Rather, we understand our uniqueness stems from the fact that we only hire superior people, and our smaller size affords us an agility that other educational entities simply cannot achieve. We emphasize interpersonal relationships. We work with each family, with each student, for as long as we can offer value. Our proudest moments as tutors come when our students thank us for the support, however long or short it might've been, for helping them achieve the ultimate goal: independence!

We treat each student as an individual, devoting time to get to know the student. Our dialogues with students and their families, with teachers and school support, give us invaluable guidance. Our assessments allow us to understand where students need reinforcement, provide them targeted instruction, and to gauge advances as programs progress. Our tutors are trained, evaluated, and involved in continuing education programs to make sure their already sharp skills continue to improve.

The PBA Ventures team has been fortunate to develop lasting friendships with wonderful students and families, teachers and administrators. It's our genuine privilege to offer expert educational and preparatory services in the SAT and ACT (including subject tests), an ever-expanding range of academic subjects, and guidance through the college admissions process.

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We look forward to working with you!

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