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Why travel with PBA?

With the myriad of options that exist, why choose us?

PBA Ventures, LLC does not engage in "checklist traveling." We travel with patience and compassion, interacting with our environs in a fully respectful manner. We strive to provide authenticity of experience, something that's ultimately far more memorable and impactful than the blur of rushed experiences. 


We provide:


  • Years of experience working in Perú, and Latin America in general: Director Patrick Braxton-Andrew, our teachers, tour operators, and host families have worked extensively with international students and have earned their sterling reputations.


  • Our professional, fun Spanish classes: we take our Spanish classes seriously, utilizing beloved and highly experienced professors who have a true gift for distilling the nuances of Spanish into easy-to-understand bits.


  • An unparalleled Spanish-language immersion opportunity: each of our activities, every trip, and all of our homestays are precisely designed to afford our students confidence-building chances to hone their Spanish skills.


  • Spanish-speaking homestays with real, remarkable Peruvian families: each of our families has years of experience working with foreign students and has earned consistently excellent evaluations.


  • Our caring, experienced staff are always available to program participants: whether we're on the road or studying in Arequipa, Patrick, host families, and support staff will always be available.


  • Authentic cultural experiences: students will receive a beautiful cultural experience through their homestays, and they'll be encouraged to immerse themselves in Peruvian life as individuals -- and in Spanish!


  • Program administrators and staff are experienced Latin American study abroad experts and Spanish teachers. And Director Patrick Braxton-Andrew had a transformative experience learning Spanish doing exactly what this program offers!


  • Small groups can do more! Traveling with a max of 12 students allows us to maintain an intimate familial atmosphere: students get more individual attention, we have more group flexibility, and the intragroup relationships we build are that much stronger.


  • An opportunity to forge lifelong friendships with Peruvians and students from other schools.


  • A meticulously planned itinerary that paves the path to unforgettable experiences and memories!


  • We customize each trip for individuals! Need a late arrival or early departure from Perú? Do you have specific requests or need special advice? Do you want class credit after taking our Spanish classes? We work with our students and their families to make sure each experience is individually tailored to perfection.


The Summer in Perú Experience is designed for students who are eager to experience foreign culture and who have a genuine passion for acquiring the Spanish language. The benefits and joys of the program will be most appreciated by those participants who are inquisitive, eager-to-explore, open-minded and, above all, mature and self-motivated.

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