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Experience Perú

latin american cultural and language immersion experiences!



  1. Be awed by one of the world's most culturally, geographically, and historically mesmerizing countries.

  2. Ensure every meal is a true experience, an unforgettable culinary odyssey of colors, flavors, scents and tastes/

  3. Lounge on gorgeous beaches; witness the stunning biodiversity of the Amazon; hike 6,000m volcanoes; search for distant shores while gazing across the ocean-like Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake; explore historical Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the heart of the Inkan Empire; and surrender to the enchanting aura of Machu Picchu, the hidden Inkan ruins named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, all without ever having to venture outside Peru's borders.

  4. Embrace immersion, challenging yourself to learn, experience and have fun every single day.

  5. Return home having completed a once-in-a-lifetime journey, equipped with beautifully confident Spanish (a vitally important world language) and enthralling tales whose vividness never fades.

  6. Earn valuable high school and college class credits!



Get up close and personal with Peruvian culture

The crux of the Perú experience is immersion, a daunting but immensely fulfulling personal challenge. Work, live, laugh and learn alongside Peruvians, in the process making 

lifelong friends and 

developing cross-cultural understanding.


Climb, summit, and be awed by unparalleled majesty

From Perú's teeming coastal metropolis of Lima, sand, surf beaches, and cevicherías, to the trio of snowcapped 6000m volcanoes casting shadows across Arequipa; from the endless miles of Inkan trails winding throughout the Andes, sprinkled with breathtaking views and imagination-provoking ruins, to the humidity-soaked biodiversity of the Amazon, no country on earth boasts more majesty per square mile!


Practice and perfect your Spanish with private classes, homestays, and day-to-day interactions

There's no recipe for Spanish language 

acquisition more powerful than private 

instruction (delivered by experienced, accredited 

professionals) coupled with full immersion, the homestays and organized activities and impromptu interactions that provide infinite opportunities to practice and perfect your Spanish speaking skills!

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