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Get excited about Perú!

There are few places on earth that can rival Perú's diversity, richness, and vibrancy. Perú’s history is extensive and exciting, and the preservation of this history, of the distinct traditions of Peru’s many peoples, is what makes Perú so culturally mesmerizing. The wide range of culinary traditions that have survived and evolved, mingled and emerged have made Perú one of the world’s premier culinary destinations. (Peruvians are beyond proud of their food, and you’ll understand why the moment you touch down!) The biota and climate, geography and topography of Perú are the stuff of wonder.


Perú is its own world, and the hugely rewarding experience of really getting to know it requires time and patience and the excited curiosity of an intrepid adventurer.



Here we will compile fascinating, informative tidbits that will help you get to know and begin to appreciate Perú as you prepare to travel with our group or consider accompanying us on our adventure!

In Lima, Perú, History and Culture Run Deep (The New York Times, 2017)

Top 10: Things to Eat in Peru (National Geographic, 2016)

How Food Became Religion in Peru's Capital City (Smithsonian Magazine, 2015)

A Space Age Food Cultivated by the Incas (The New York Times, 2016)


A Tome for Peruvian Food, by its Most Acclaimed Ambassador (NPR, 2015)


The Future of Language (The Washington Post, 2015)


The Greatest Mystery of the Inca Empire was its Strange Economy (io9, 2012)


Out of Contact (The New York Times Review of Books, 2012)

Pitting Heaven and Earth in a Fierce Andean Ritual (The New York Times, 2013)


Do the Amazon's Last Isolated Tribes Have a Future? (The New York Times, 2015)


Stuffed Peppers, Lamb's Head Soup, Canyons and Condors in Arequipa, Peru (The New York Times, 2010)

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