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Exceptional Educational Experiences

  • We offer unparalleled flexibility: we will work with your schedule and meet you at your home, at a library, at your school, or at any other meeting-conducive location!

  • We provide first-class communication.

  • If you ever need an emergency session, wherever you are in the world, we'll coordinate a tutor!

  • We work with a number of area private, charter, and public schools, and, with your permission, we'll communicate with your student's teachers and administrators.

  • Our Team of tutor-mentors is made up of individuals you and your student(s) are going to love: compassionate, intelligent, articulate, and responsible role-model educators who are passionate about making learning fun and instilling confidence in learners.

  • Our insured team of professional tutors is not only trained, each member is also dedicated to ongoing professional development!

Tutoring: Our Approach and Mission

Patrick tutoring Juan, one of our students, while his mom looks on.

Educating and mentoring, both academically and athletically, have always been my greatest passions. I began tutoring and working summer camps as a high schooler after years of babysitting. I kept tutoring through my four years at Davidson College (where I graduated with a B.A. in English) and began coaching for the local soccer club through which I'd progressed growing up, North Meck (since renamed Carolina Rapids).

Post-college I've continued to tutor and mentor professionally; in addition, I've been fortunate to be able to supplement those endeavors with work as a study abroad assistant director for a Davidson College study abroad program (2012-2014) and as a teacher at a second laudable local institution, Davidson's Woodlawn School, where, since 2012, I've worked in various capacities (predominantly as a middle and upper school Spanish and math teacher).


In the past years I've built a handpicked team of exceptional local educators who provide instruction in a vast range of subjects and specialties.  We've come together because we share a passion for educating and a compassion for people; we strive to offer not only a superior tutoring experience, but also to provide our students visible community role models and to instill in them the confidence and skills they'll need in order to progress as independent learners, as independent, mature individuals. 

Our philosophy stresses quality over quantity. We don't aspire to be a 500-tutor behemoth. Rather, we understand our uniqueness stems from the fact that we only hire superior people, and our smaller size affords us an agility that other educational entities simply cannot achieve while also allowing us to emphasize interpersonal relationships. Moreover, we don't want to lock students and families into contracts requiring some certain number of expensive sessions. We want to work with each family, with each student, for only as long as we can offer value. Our proudest moments as tutors come when our students thank us for the support, however long or short it might've been, for helping them achieve the ultimate goal: independence!


We work with countless area students, from every age group and just about every school in the area, public, private, charter, and homeschooled students too. That our reputation continues to spread through our community via word of mouth, not aggressive advertising, speaks volumes about the quality of our service and the quality of our people.


We treat each student as an individual, devoting time to get to know the student. Our dialogues with students and their families, with teachers and school support, give us invaluable guidance. Our assessments allow us to understand where students need reinforcement and provide them targeted instruction, and also to gauge advances as programs progress. Moreover, our tutors are trained, evaluated, and involved in continuing education programs to make sure their already sharp skills continue to improve.


My team and I have been fortunate to develop lasting friendships with wonderful students and families, teachers and administrators. It's my genuine privilege to be able to continue to offer expert educational and preparatory services in the SAT and ACT (including subject tests) and an ever-expanding range of academic subjects, not to mention professional mentoring and guidance in everything from IEPs and 504 plans to ADHD/LD to college admissions. We look forward to working with you soon!

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